Founded in 1980, CTI - Commerce et Technologie Internationale promotes the know-how of European and American high tech companies in the French market and abroad.

CTI offers its expertise in a wide range of product lines, focusing but not limited to the electromechanical field - slip rings, optical rotary joints, electrical motors, ceramic and hybrid bearings, Inductosyn transducers, flow forming…

CTI’s technical and business engagement in different industrial sectors enables it to be an effective business partner, leading to long term relationships with its customers.


CTI pursues export opportunities on behalf of companies that supply products and services to the energy sector, specifically for gas and oil exploration and production : engineering, drilling operations, facility maintenance, transporting and security.

The large range of products spans the commercial industry to the defense, aerospace, space, medical industries and energy. Designing, engineering, manufacturing and even upgrading complex equipment, CTI, with its wide experience, provides products from the following companies:


Slip rings
Optical rotary joints

Ceramic and hybrid bearings

Flow forming


Inductosyn transducers