Transformateurs électriques Trafomec

Electrical Transformers

Transformateurs électriques Trafomec

TRAFOMEC INDUSTRIES is a leading producer of transformers, reactors, selfs, UPS and electromagnetic assemblies for a wide range of applications. It is supported by an international presence that can provide solid technology close to customers.

TRAFOMEC INDUSTRIES designs and manufactures traction transformers for all types of transport, railway and marine applications.

TRAFOMEC INDUSTRIES has an extensive experience of reliable high quality transformers for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

TRAFOMEC INDUSTRIES belongs to the InducTek Power Electronics Technology Ltd group enabling us to offer a wide range of cast resin dry type transformers with direct or indirect water cooling, reactors, conventional and renewable power generation, low and medium voltage drive with rated power up to 8 MVA, rated voltage up to 36 KV and a current rating up to 48 000 A.

TRAFOMEC INDUSTRIES products are regrouped into four business lines :

Transport Systems Applications :

Traction transformers, Substation filter reactors, Auxiliary transformers, Customized transformer with integrated motor-fans for railway traction, Auxiliary power systems, Infrastructure, marine.

Power Supply Systems :

Drive and rotary UPS, Single and three phases reactors, Rectifiers transformers, Transformers with built in reactor for EV charger, Renewable energy, Wind power, Photovoltaic farms applications.

Manufacturing Equipment :

Transformers for resistance welding, Direct current transformers, Gun type transformers, Medium frequency transformers, all used in robotic, Spot welding equipments, Industrial automation, Automotive industry.

Power Transmission & Conversion :

Transformers for High Voltage, DC reactors, MV filters ….used for arc heater supply, AC motor drive, Submarine cables, Ozone plants, Industrial plants.

Transformateurs électriques Trafomec


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001
  • EN 15085 (Railways application requirement)


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